Tenant support

If Easymove are directly managing a property, we’ll be your point of contact. If you need to ask a question and the topic is not covered by the information below, get in touch with our team directly.

Easymove Property Management Team 0208 471 0080
Emergency number (for out of hours use) 07415 981448

You can also email the team at enquiries@easymoveea.com

What references do I need to rent?
You will normally be asked to provide references from previous landlords, the bank, proof of income and character references. You will also need to supply proof of ID, proof of address and proof of right to rent in the UK using a passport or valid visa.

Who is required to update utility companies?
It is the tenant’s responsibility to set up and update utility accounts. You will also need to record meter readings at the start and at the end of the tenancy.

How do I pay my rent?
You will normally be required to set up a standing order. The rental fee will leave your account three days before the rental due date. This date is normally based on the date you moved in.

What happens if I’m late with my rent?
If you know you’re going to be late with a payment, please let the Easymove team know right away. If you miss a payment, an arrears letter will be sent to you three days after the rental due date. You will be charged a fee for the letter, and interest will accumulate on the unpaid rental amount.

How do serve notice when I want to leave?
The notice period will be detailed in your tenancy agreement. Reference the property address in a signed letter sent to the address below.

161 High Street North
E6 1JB

What happens if I break my rental agreement early?
You are liable for rent up until the end of the agreed contract period. Should the landlord agree to put the property back on the market and find a new tenant, you will be required to cover the Landlord’s fees and any other expenses/losses incurred.

What should I do at the end of my tenancy?
Before you leave the property, you’ll be responsible for cleaning the property, and for an inventory check. Any discrepancies in the inventories, or damage to property will be deducted from your deposit. Contact your bank to cancel payments once the last required rental payment has left your account. Once you’ve vacated the property, return all sets of keys to the Easymove office. You will continue to be liable for rent until the keys are returned.

What is the Tenant Deposit Protection Scheme?
The Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme specifies that all paid deposits for an assured shorthold tenancy must be registered with a recognised deposit protection scheme within 30 days. This legally binding requirement guarantees the protection of your deposit.

How can I renew my contract?
Get in touch with our team two months before your rental agreement expires if you would like to stay on in your property.