Landlords & Investors

Get that portfolio working harder. Discover the opportunity presented by every change in the market. Find property gems to buy. Easymove’s letting services can help you make that leap from being a good investor to becoming a great one. For more than ten years we have helped investors of every shape and size nurture and grow their portfolios. The breadth of our experience allows us to adapt our approach to meet the specific needs of every investor. We take the headache out of managing properties and tenants, leaving you free to enjoy the fruits of your investment.

A solution that takes uncertainty out of the market to leave you with a guaranteed return on your investment. What’s not to love? In times of change, it comes as no surprise that rent guarantee schemes are one of the most popular services we offer. When you look at the details, the schemes become even more appealing. You start seeing a return on your investment from day one. You get all of the benefits with none of the hassle. We’ll take care of everything from dealing with your tenants to looking after your council tax bills. Our schemes guarantee rental incomes for a period of your choice from one to five years. At the end of the scheme your property will be returned in its original condition. All plus points. No catch. If you are interested in a guaranteed rental scheme, we can get you started in four steps.

Find your price
The first step in renting your property is getting an exact valuation. To get a free quotation get in touch with our acquisitions team and we’ll arrange a visit.

Sorting out your certificates
Following an on-site assessment to make sure your property meets our criteria, and assuming you wish to proceed, we will obtain copies of your EPC, NICEIC and gas certificates along with three sets of keys. If you don’t already have copies of these documents, our qualified engineers can help.

The final Inspection
Once all documents are in place, we will conduct a final visit, and take photos to record the original state of the property. We’ll then open your property to the market.

Let the rent begin
Sign your contracts and off your go. Your guaranteed rent will start on the very first day of the scheme.

When will rental payments begin?
The first payment will be transferred to your account in arrears a calendar month from the first day of the scheme.

What management fees will I need to pay?
Our leasing service is completely free. That means no commission and no management fees.

Will I receive a competitive rental income?
We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the highest possible rental values for properties listed with us.

Do I need to deal with tenants?
Reference checks. Paperwork. Viewings. We do the lot. You don’t need to do a thing.

What happens if the property is vacant?
Occupied or not, your rental income is guaranteed.

Who will look after the property during the rental period?
We will conduct periodic inspections on your behalf. At the end of the scheme your property will be returned as it was found, subject to fair wear and tear.

What about council tax?
We’ll look after all the bills on your behalf including utilities and council tax.

How long does the guaranteed rental scheme last?
The choice is entirely yours. Our schemes run from one to five years.

For many UK citizens property provides more than a roof over the head. It provides an additional source of income. Sometimes a profession. Since launching in 2008, our letting service has become core to our business. You can rely on our experience to take the pain out of property management, leaving you free to enjoy a regular income. Like the properties themselves, every owner is different. Some simply want help to find a tenant. Others want our help throughout the process, collecting rents and dealing with tenants. How we work together is entirely up to you. Our service can help you in the following ways.

Getting rent ready
What furnishings should you include? What improvements should be made to achieve a better price? We’ll guide you through the options to give your property maximum appeal and rental value.

Tenant appeal
From property descriptions to photography, we’ll shape marketing materials to make your place stand out. We’ll then handle the viewings and negotiations to close a final deal.

Tenancy agreements, background checks, monthly rent collections, maintenance issues. Managing a property is an intricate business. If you don’t have the time or the inclination, you can rely on us to handle every detail.

We’ve been nurturing the wealth of investors for more than 10 years. Our skilled and experienced portfolio investments team offer three core services:

Portfolio growth
Our team can help you get maximum value from a property in two ways. Firstly, they’ll help you identify a property that promises a great return. Once purchased, they will help understand what options could be made to increase value. We can even introduce you options you may not have considered, like turning the property into a licensed HMO, or entering into a guaranteed rent scheme to safeguard consistent rental returns for up to five years.

Portfolio Review
Is your property portfolio delivering all it could? What changes would get your little empire working even harder? If you already have a portfolio, our team can conduct a complete audit. The subsequent report will give you an impartial assessment of your current arrangements and indicate the immediate steps you could take to make your investment more profitable. We can offer access to options like guaranteed rent schemes to balance profit with peace of mind.

Portfolio Management
With Easymove, managing even a large portfolio feels like child’s play. We follow three steps with every customer to make management hitch free.

1 A dedicated account manager
We will appoint a single point of contact to manage your portfolio and handle all the leg work from rent collection to property maintenance.

2 Simplified Rent
We’ll bring all rents into line, so they’re paid on the same day of every month. Any new properties you add to the portfolio will follow suit to keep things simple.

3 On-line statements
Monitor your investment 24/7, on every day of the year with our online accounts system. All you need to do is sit back and watch your investment grow.

HMO. Three simple letters with the potential to maximise your investment. A house in multiple occupation (HMO) offers separate bedrooms with shared facilities like bathrooms and kitchens.

For a larger property rented to a single tenant or family, the potential to transform your property into a hostel or HMO could dramatically increase your income. Whilst good yields for single dwelling property fall between 4-7%, HMO properties can achieve yields of up to 8-12%. Given they can also deliver an agreed income for five years, it’s no surprise that HMO portfolios are becoming increasingly popular with investors. It’s not as simple as it sounds. HMOs can be complex to manage, and regulations surrounding them have turned some investors away. That’s where we can help.

The Easymove HMO team work with investors of all sizes to turn properties into high yield multiple occupancy properties. If you own of large house (3 bedrooms +) or if looking for an investment property to deliver maximum yields, get in touch with the team to explore your options.

  • The benefits of the Easymove HMO service
  • Guaranteed rental schemes for up to five years
  • No management fees or commission
  • Increased yields versus single dwelling tenancies
  • Hassle free property management

If you’d like to discuss the potential HMO yield of a property, or if you have any questions about our service, get in touch with our team.

What areas of London promise greatest investment potential? Where is the market heading? What renovations could be made to a property to deliver more value? What return on your investment can you expect over the next ten years? Wise heads will tell you that investing property is always a risk. Your greatest antidote to that risk is knowledge. And knowledge of the London property market is what Easymove offer in spades.

The Easymove team offer a suite of investment services to make sure you are getting the best possible returns. Get in touch with the team today to unlock the full potential of your portfolio.

Property auctions offer some of the very best deals on the market. But if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking at, they can also pose considerable risks. Our team can help you take the guesswork out of the process. The Easymove pre-auction service will help to evaluate a property, and project it’s future value before you raise a hand. We’ll conduct a full assessment to help you understand how to manage the property to deliver maximum return. We can also apply our knowledge of the market to help you find hidden gems before they go under the hammer. We can even put in place a five year guaranteed rent scheme before you make your purchase. Take the risk out of bidding before you hit the auction. Get in touch with our team today.

Do you have specific investment goals? Have you developed a strategy to meet them? What more could you do to maximise the value of your property portfolio?

Every year the Easymove investment team help investors unlock thousands of extra pounds from existing property portfolios. Calling upon years of experience, they can open your eyes to all available options, and help you design a winning investment strategy. Our three step process can help any investor achieve their goal.

Free portfolio audit
The process always begins with a comprehensive assessment of your existing portfolio. At this stage we’ll also work with you to give your goals sharp definition. For the best possible results, we recommend an annual assessment of your portfolio.

An opportunity report
Based on your existing properties, and your intended plans, we will put together a full report of all the available options. Could you turn a property into an HMO? Where could you save money on outgoing costs? What renovations could be made to increase revenue? We will explore every option to give you the broadest, most informed view possible.

Investment strategy
Once your investment preferences have been made clear, we will use that input to create a detailed investment strategy. Complete with timelines and measurable objectives, we can then work with you to implement the plan and monitor progress towards your short and long term goals.

If you’d like to get things started with a free portfolio assessment, get in touch with our team.