Easymove maintenance

The Easymove repairs and administration team are available 24/7 to deal with issues and problems raised by tenants. Every home has unique traits and peculiarities. As the team keep detailed records of every property, they will first try to guide tenants to a solution without bothering the landlord. When additional help is required, Easymove can deliver a highly professional service thanks to our partnership with Thames Property Maintenance. They help with plumbing and gas, cleaning, carpentry and general maintenance. They can also be used for more intensive projects such as replacement kitchens and bathrooms, and full refurbishments.

If you have a maintenance issue that needs attention, or if you’d like to talk to your professional maintenance team, get in touch today

Easymove repairs and administration team: 0208 471 0080

Easymove repairs and administration team: Add relevant number Thames Property Maintenance: 0208 471 0280