Whether this is your first move or one of many, we aim to make it as straight forward and as trouble free as possible. We are here to make your finding a new home as smooth as possible. We believe the 'moving experience' starts the minute you decide to move, this guide is designed to give all the information you could possibly want to know in order to get you on your way.

Finding the right property

Register on as many lists as possible and be as clear as you can about your requirements, rental properties can be snapped up as quickly as they come on the market so make sure the agent is looking out for you. Try not to be too fussy to start off with and become more selective as you view what's available, you never know where your dream home could be hiding! Why Rent Renting a property has never been easier, with house prices on the up rental can sometimes be the best thing to do! The rental market is thriving with plenty of properties available in your town; why not contact our office to view available rental properties.

Deposits and costs

A deposit is always taken from a tenant prior to the occupation of the property. The deposit remains the property of the tenant throughout the tenancy and it is recommended that this amount be held by the letting agent whether they are instructed to manage the property or otherwise. They will not release these funds unless you are satisfied with the check out report at the end of the tenancy. The deposit is held against dilapidation's and would not be accepted as a rental payment, nor should it be used for any purpose other than stated in the agreement.


The housing Act 1996 made the creation of an assured short hold tenancy more straight forward by removing the section 20 notice which was formally necessary to confirm that an agreement was that of an assured short hold type. The six month minimum term however still applies in respect of repossession by a landlord even though an ageement may now be drawn up for a shorter period. A landlord may require possession at the end of the fixed term and in which case the relevant notice must be served on the tenant, your letting agent can carry out the service of this notice on request by your landlord.

What you need to remember

Once you find a home you like you will need to provide references and a deposit. You then need to concentrate on the move itself getting in touch with utility providers to arrange your gas and electric connection, protecting your possessions is also something you should look into by taking contents insurance.