Tenant Fees

This is a one off fee paid to Easymove in return for all the help you’ll need to secure a rental property without hassle. Every job is slightly different, but the service commonly includes viewings, rental negotiation, reference checking, right to rent checks and the drawing up of contracts. This flat fee of £180, including VAT, is paid individually by each tenant. In cases where the number of tenants for a single dwelling is more than four, the fee is capped at four individuals. Specialised requirements can be added to the service for an additional fee.

Rental Services

Inventory (on behalf of the tenant) £150 (Inc. VAT)
Change of occupancy to an existing tenancy £120 (Inc. VAT)
Rental reminder later (send to) £54 (Inc. VAT) per letter sent
Tenancy renewal £150 (Inc. VAT) per renewal