Guaranteed Rent Scheme

Easymove Estate Agents guaranteed rent scheme provides Landlords peace of mind by ensuring that we pay our Landlords a set competitive rent on an appointed day every month without delay. Our aim is to offer financial security for our landlords, who can rent without having to worry about missed or delayed rental payments.

This is how it works:

The Process

Before we can take a property on to our rent guaranteed scheme, we must ensure that the property meets the Decent Home Standard. This is a standard endorsed by Central Government, all Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts. We will inspect the property initially and give you some advice on works which may be needed to bring the property up to the standard where needed. In most cases the work if required costs as little as one hundred pounds. Where we are uncertain about acceptance of the property or the work that may be required for its acceptance we may book another appointment to attend to the property with a council or a primary care trust property surveyor.We’ll do a final inspection after the works are done (if needed) and then appoint a move in date for the tenant. Before we move the tenant in we will ask you to come into our offices and sign a lease. Your rent will be paid in arrears every month on a set date. Where the rent due date is a bank holiday or weekend, we will always endeavour to ensure that the money is in your account the preceding working day if possible.

What we need from You

All our Landlords new or old are required to sign the Guaranteed Rent – New Acquisitions form and provide the documentation detailed at the end of the form. Once the property has passed the final inspection, we need three sets of keys to be handed into our offices (You can of course provide these earlier). We ask our Landlords not to furnish the property until we have appointed a tenant, however on occasion there may be a request for basic furnishings. We need a Gas Safety Certificate, an Energy Performance Certificate and an Electrical Safety Certificate with us before a tenant can be allocated to the property.

What we offer you

Once we receive the keys we will appoint a tenant for the property. Before the tenant moves in we will discuss any furniture requirements with you and proceed to complete a comprehensive schedule of condition, check in and inventory report (where furniture has been provided). This will be forwarded over to you for your records. From thereon we will manage the property for the duration of the lease, this includes inspecting the property every quarter and providing a written inspection report detailing our findings. Every month we will forward the rent into your account by transfer on the appointed rent due date, without delay for the term of the lease.

We are totally committed to delivering the results you expect as a landlord.

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