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Beckton is a suburban district in East London, England, within the London Borough of Newham and is located 8 miles (12.9 km) east of Charing Cross. Historically part of Essex, Beckton was unpopulated marshland adjacent to the River Thames until the development of major industrial infrastructure in the 19th century to support the growing metropolis of London. Housing was created in Beckton for workers of the gas and sewage works. Between 1981 and 1995 it was within the London Docklands Development Corporation area, which caused the population to increase as new homes were built and the Docklands Light Railway was constructed.

Beckton is a leafy suburban district in East London, and it sits inside the Borough of Newham. Historically part of Essex, Beckton was generally unpopulated until the development of major industrial infrastructure in the 19th century which attracted working class people from all walks of life to this London neighbourhood. Housing was created for these workers, and since this time the area has flourished. Now featuring a countless bus stops and its own DLR station, Beckton is a hub for those searching for a more relaxed pace of life in Zone 3. Nowadays, many residents spend their days relaxing in New Beckton Park, taking in the beautiful scenery and fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets of central London while being just a stone's throw from the action.

Beckton is certainly considered an ‘up and coming’ area, and it’s seen masses of investment in recent years. The best estate agents Beckton boasts are seeing a huge increase in interest from buyers and renters alike, as many people are flocking to the vibrant and diverse neighbourhood to settle down with family or start their career in the big city. When looking through the windows of estate agents, Beckton buyers can find countless different property types to satisfy their needs. You can find many different restaurants featuring all kinds of cuisines, along with bars, clothing stores, greengrocers and so much more in the more traditional streets of Beckton - what’s not to love?!