What’s a Garden Worth in East Ham?

10th February 2023

What’s a Garden Worth in East Ham?
It would seem a simple enough question. However, the answer is far from straightforward as there are so many different types of gardens and so many different types of properties. Size does matter, but only if your garden is larger or smaller than average for the area and big is not necessarily better. A large garden that requires a lot of upkeep is bad news for the busy owner of an urban flat and a tiny courtyard garden is bad news for the owner of a 4-bedroom house full of kids. The garden needs to suit the house. One thing you can be sure of is that a badly kept garden is going to have a negative impact on the saleability of your house, especially if it's the front garden, as it is key to the property’s kerb appeal. To complicate matters further, everyone’s idea of the perfect garden is different.For example, most of us want a low-maintenance one, but keen gardeners and retirees may want something more challenging. So, if you can’t be specific about garden values, how can you at least maximise its potential?

Designer or Tidy Up?

Should you get in a landscape designer? It depends. If you are preparing your house for sale, it’s normally best to just give it a really good tidy-up. Get the bins out of sight, clear away the dead leaves and trim the hedges. If you have a lawn, give it a mow and dig up those weeds.If your garden is a real mess or, conversely, if you are planning on staying a while, you may want to do something more radical and that may entail bringing in some professional help.Whatever your plans, to appeal to the widest possible audience, experts advise that maintenance should be one of the key considerations. And bear in mind,if you spend a lot of money, you are unlikely to get it back when you sell.

Outside Living

In more urban environments, where space is tight, the benefits of a decent garden arefar clearer cut. A good way, therefore, of maximising its value is toturnit into extra living space, which you can use for both cooking and socialising. Those types of gardens are even more desirable ifthey link seamlessly to the internal spaces. As an added bonus, they alsotend to be low maintenance, as they are mostly made up of hard surfaces such as decking or paving, and only have planting on their peripheries. If you then install some lighting,you will also be able to use them at night. 

Rooftop Gardens

In the very heart of towns, any outside space is a major bonus. If you don’t have any, one option is to build a roof terrace. However, before you start, you will almost certainly need planning permission and you should also get professional advice about whether the roof can take the extra weight. Once you are over those hurdles, just imagine how much better (and more valuable) the apartment will be.Especially during the summer months. And, if there are a lot of similar flats for sale at the same time, it couldwell be a deciding factor.

Family Gardens

The best family gardens combine several different functions. Just as with urban gardens, you should ensure there are areas for eating and drinking, but also places for children to run around in, for playing football, paddling pools and climbing frames. Ideally, there should also be space for an extension or a garden office. Mind you, if they are too big, they can be intimidating, as they require a lot of upkeep. Finally, water features may be popular in garden makeover programmes, but if you are putting a pond into a family garden, you should be aware that they are frequently seen as a dangerous hazard by buyers with young children.

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