Rental Reform Bill White Paper

4th July 2022

Rental Reform Bill White Paper
The government recently released a white paper entitled “A Fairer Private Rented Sector.” The goal is to improve the quality of life for people living in private rented accommodation across the UK.
Landlords are concerned about the impact that the upcoming bill will have on the rental market. Tenants are looking forward to new perks and benefits, though the changes in legislation may lead to higher rental costs.
Here are some of the report’s main suggestions:

Landlords Can No Longer Ban Tenants On Benefits

The upcoming legislation should make it illegal for landlords or their agents to impose blanket bans on families with children or those in receipt of benefits, according to the white paper. New rules should also make provisions to support landlords who accept these types of tenants.

Landlords Must Comply With The “Decent Homes Standard”

The Decent Homes Standard is a set of measures designed to cut the number of low-quality rental properties by 50 percent by 2030.

Tenants Gain The Right To Request Pets At The Property

Under the new bill, landlords cannot unreasonably refuse tenants who want to keep pets in rented accommodation. Furthermore, landlords will be able to request that tenants buy pet insurance as an amendment to the Tenant Fee Act 2018.

No-Fault Eviction Notices Will Be Abolished

Landlords will only be able to evict tenants under “reasonable circumstances.” These include:
  • Violations of the tenancy agreement by the tenant
  • Moving back into the rented property
  • Selling the property onwards


The bill is currently in the early stages of consultation and is not yet final. However, many landlords are concerned about the ramifications it may have on their financial well-being going forward.