Preparing Your Home To Sell

7th June 2022

Preparing Your Home To Sell

No matter how appealing, clean, and comfortable you believe your home is, it will need to be taken to a whole new level when it comes to viewings from potential buyers.

However, a house is still a home, so don't feel obligated to eliminate 'junk' or personal possessions.

That being stated, you should give your prospective buyers enough space and breathing area to imagine themselves living in your property.

Aside from the house itself, what are the primary selling qualities, such as closeness to train or road linkages or good schools?

All of these characteristics, and more, can have an impact on the value and desirability of your house. While you can't control a school's Ofsted rating or the location of a train station, you can make sure your house fulfils the expectations of purchasers by staging it and emphasising its greatest features.

Be Careful With Clutter

While clutter in your home will generally make it difficult for a buyer to envision it as their own, removing anything labelled 'clutter' may sometimes make your property feel chilly and unwelcoming. When preparing a property for viewings, rit's best to 'neutralise' it as much as feasible.

That means deleting all family photos and toning down any ornamentation that purchasers might find offensive. A buyer's wish list always includes enough storage, so make sure any toys or kids clothes that don't fit in wardrobes or cupboards are removed before a showing.

The Right Lighting

The amount of light that enters your property can have a significant impact on a buyer's first impressions. Allowing as much natural light as possible into your home is a critical selling strategy.

Make sure your windows are spotless, and relocate any bulky furniture that may be blocking light from entering through the panes. To help give light to darkish regions of your living space, draw back drapes and lift blinds while still turning on lamps and side lights. Good lighting will make your home feel more welcoming and comfortable.

The Right Temperature

While what purchasers see in your property can influence their decision, how they feel will also have an impact. So, if your home is freezing in the winter or hot in the summer, do your best to adjust the temperature before a viewing. A hot summer can be especially damaging to top-floor apartments and flats. To keep temperatures down in the hours before a showing, open windows and pull curtains or blinds. Then, right before your buyers arrive, open everything up to let in all that lovely light.

Keep your heating at a suitable temperature in the winter to showcase your property as a cosy winter centre for the family.

Look After The Outside Too

Even in the dead of winter, keeping your outdoor space appealing to purchasers is critical.

Make absolutely sure the front of your home is clean and neat, and that it appears welcoming, so that purchasers form a favourable view of your home from the moment they enter. Don't ruin their happiness by showing them an unkempt, unusable outdoor space after they've seen how lovely the inside of your property is.

Trim back bushes and shrubbery and make sure the lawn is in good condition. If your garden lacks an entertaining place, try constructing a patio or installing decking, both of which are quite inexpensive but will make a significant impact.

Remove Odours

While portraying your home as 'lived in'  can be useful when trying to sell it, potential buyers will not want to guess what you had for supper the night before.

Avoid extremely scented foods in the days leading up to a viewing, and if you must eat a hot dinner, turn on the extractor fan and open some windows. If you smoke or have a dirty dog, open windows and a diffuser can help eradicate any residual odours that may turn buyers off.

These items are doable on a limited budget and can make a significant difference in the eyes of customers. If you want more tips or are thinking of selling your home get in touch with Easy Move EA today.